Merling Xie
Director | Bachelor Of Interior Design | RMIT University
Bachelor of Interior Design in Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology 2014. Design is about solving problems and bringing potential to the spaces. It is about the interaction of spatial and spiritual experience . I enjoy creating spaces, which not just reflect a client’s personality or brand but also how to response to the existing environment and conditions. Design is a way of life. I love getting inspirations from travelling, art, reading etc. Actual inspiration is all around me, in painting, film or even just a relaxing cup of afternoon tea. 2014年皇家墨爾本理工學院室內設計學士。 設計是為了解決問題並引發空間帶來潛力。 設計是關於空間和精神體驗的相互作用。 我喜歡創造的空間,不僅反映了客戶的個性或品牌,還反映了如何應對現有的空間環境和條件。 設計是壹種生活方式。 我喜歡旅行,藝術,水彩畫,閱讀等方面收集靈感。其實實際的靈感來自於我自己本身的體驗。一次繪畫,一場電影,甚至只是壹杯放松的下午茶都可以帶來不同的空間感受和創造動力。
Rongfang wang
Bachelor Of Interior Design | Jingdeng Town Institute
Design is a bridge between life and many things. We express what we see and think through design, and get a pleasant experience from design. Design is not only about spatial remodeling, but more of this reshaping is the communication between the designer and the design. The designer integrates his design concept into the space and brings the possibility of unlimited creation. 設計是生活與眾多事物的橋梁,我們將所見所想通過設計表達於生活之中,並獲得設計帶來的愉快體驗。設計不僅是關於空間重塑,更多的是這種重塑是設計者與設計之間的溝通,設計師把自己設計理念融入空間之中,帶來無限創造的可能。
Gangping Luo
Bachelor Of Interior Design | Hunan International Economics University
Hunan International Economics University major in environmental design 湖南涉外學院環境設計專業,熱愛室內設計,這深度探索的學科。自己比較喜歡音樂,壹切關於藝術的事物,多看多聽多學便會學到很多也就是靈感的來源。
Xueqi Xie
Bachelor Of Interior Design | Guangxi Polytechnic Institute
Andy Au
Director | Master Of Architecture | University Of Melbourne
Master of Architecture in Melbourne University Registered Building Practitioner for Building DESIGNER and Registered Commercial BUILDER for Shop-Fitout. 15 years of experience in retail & hospitality interior design in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide after completing a degree in Bachelor of ARCHITECTURE at University of Melbourne in 2000. 畢業於 澳洲墨爾本大學建築系碩士 在澳洲從事建築和室內設計經驗超過15年,擅長餐飲空間設計,商業設計和豪宅設計等
Sophie Du
Master Of Architecture | University Of Melbourne
After more than 8 years of retail interior design experience in Melbourne and China with a Masters in Architecture from the University of Melbourne in 2009 2009年獲得墨爾本大學建築學碩士學位後,在墨爾本和中國擁有超過5年的零售室內設計經驗。
Tong Wang
Bachelor Of Architecture | University Of Melbourne
Architecture is more likely to be a 3-Dimentional art piece that contains one’s character than just a space, it has soul when the architects give it concept and personal belief. To me, I quote “architecture is an extension of nature”, a building is a limited space but the connection to nature makes it unlimited. 本科建築設計師,具有概念和文檔設計經驗。 在墨爾本大學獲得建築專業學士學位。 建築更可能是壹個三維藝術作品,其中包含壹個人的角色,而不僅僅是壹個空間,當建築師賦予它概念和個人信仰時,它具有靈魂。 對我而言,我引用“建築是自然的延伸”,建築是壹個有限的空間,但與自然的聯系使其無限。
Melissa Zhang
Advanced Diploma of Building Design | RMIT Univeristy
Eve Potamianos
Bachelor of Architecture Design | RMIT University
Andy ruan
Bachelor Of Architecture | RMIT University